Tobramycin Sulfate
Tobramycin Sulfate

Tobramycin Sulfate

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Product Description

Aminoglycoside antibiotic that has a bactericidal action against many Gram-negative bacteria. Inhibits protein synthesis and generating errors in the transcription of the genetic code.

  • Synonym: Nebcin
  • For in vitro lab use only. Not for human use or consumption.
  • Boiling Point : 775.4 ºC
  • Melting Point: 265-270 ºC (dec.)

Technical Specifications

CAS#: 49842-07-1
Molecular Weight: 565.6
Molecular Formula: C18H39N5O13S
Appearance Form: Powder
Appearance Color: White to off-white
Solubility: H2O: 50 mg/mL
Storage Temperature: 2-8°C
Hazardous Shipping: Non-Hazardous

Technical Documentation

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)