Streptomycin Sulfate

Streptomycin Sulfate

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Product Description

Streptomycin is an antibiotic used to treat Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacterial infections. Streptomycin is a protein synthesis inhibitor that binds to the small 16S rRNA of the 30S subunit of the bacterial ribosome, interfering with the binding of formyl-methionyl-tRNA to the 30S subunit. The binding of the molecule to the 30S subunit interferes with 50S subunit association with the mRNA strand, resulting in a frameshift mutation and defective protein synthesis which leads to cell death.

Technical Specifications

CAS#: 3810-74-0
Molecular Weight: 1457.4
Molecular Formula: C42H84N14O36S3
Appearance Form: Powder
Appearance Color: White to off-white
Solubility: Soluble in water. Slightly soluble in alcohol.
Storage Temperature: 2-8°C
Hazardous Shipping: Non-Hazardous

Technical Documentation

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