Plant RNA/DNA Purification Kit

Plant RNA/DNA Purification Kit

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Product Description

For simultaneous isolation of total RNA and DNA from the same plant sample

  • No phenol extraction
  • High quality DNA and RNA are purified simultaneously using the same spin column
  • No need to split the lysate
  • All sizes of RNA are recovered, including microRNA


  • Complete column purification - The RNA and DNA are both column purified simultaneously using the same column.
  • Reduce variability - RNA and DNA are isolated from a single plant sample with no splitting of the lysate, thus reducing inconsistent results and variability.
  • Isolate from small samples - Simultaneous isolation of RNA and DNA from a single sample. Ideal for precious, difficult to obtain or small samples.
  • Isolate a diversity of RNA species - All sizes of RNA are isolated, from large mRNA down to microRNA, without the use of phenol or chloroform.
  • Isolate DNA-free plant RNA or RNA-free plant DNA - Optional protocols for on-column DNase or RNase digestion are provided if the user wishes to isolate pure, DNA-free RNA or pure, RNA-free DNA.

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