Phytophthora spp. - ALERT LF

Phytophthora spp. - ALERT LF Kit

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Product Description

ALERT-LF™ is a simple lateral flow assay for the detection of Phytophthora spp., Pythium spp., Rhizoctonia spp. and Botrytis spp. that provides results in a few minutes, allowing for more rapid action to be taken.

The ALERT-LF™ Phytophthora spp. device has been evaluated and optimized for the detection of multiple species of Phytophthora including Phytophthora ramorum, the causal agent of Sudden Oak Death.

  • Sensitivity comparable with ELISA
  • Testing time under 5 minutes
  • Suitable for greenhouse, field and laboratory use
  • Shelf life up to 12 months
  • Clear Yes / No answer
  • Provide real-time, meaningful results, enabling immediate positive action to be taken
  • No special training required

Technical Specifications

Shelf Life: 12 months

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