Maackia amurensis Lectin (MAA/MAL I+II) - Pure

Maackia amurensis Lectin (MAA/MAL I+II) - Pure

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Product Description

Leukoagglutinin and hemagglutinin (MAL I+II) are seed lectins from Maackia amurensis, and are used as glycoanalytical tools to probe biological targets for ?2-3-linked sialic acids. These lectins have a molecular weight of 130,000 and an isoelectric point of pH 4.7.

MAL I+II can be used to detect glycans containing ?2-3-linked sialic acids but cannot be used to determine if the binding target is an N- or O-linked glycan. Binding assays must include sialidase-treated controls, that will greatly reduce or eliminate the lectin-binding signal to show specificity. Sialidase treatment has no impact on non-specific lectin-protein interactions or on MAL I or MAL II binding to glycans containing SO4-3-Gal?.

This product comes in a lyophilized form and is stored at -20ºC. No metal ions are required for binding.

Technical Specifications

Molecular Weight: 130 kDa
Synonyms: MAA/MAL I+II
Shelf Life: 2 years
Storage Temperature: -20°C
Hazardous Shipping: Non-hazardous