IPTG Solution 0.5M, Sterile
IPTG Solution 100mM, Sterile
IPTG Solution 1M, Sterile

IPTG Solution 0.5M, Sterile

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Product Description

Isopropyl-β-D-Thiogalactopyranoside, an inducer ofβ-galactosidase is used to promote the expression of proteins in cells controlled by the lac operator system.

Supplied as a ready-to-use solution to be used with X-gal for blue white colony screening.

Techncial Information:

  • Ready-to-use solution
  • Dioxane free
  • Application:

    • Petriplates: Use 40‚âà√≠ºlper Petriplates (9 cm diameter).
    • LB agar: Use 1 ®µl/mL of liquid LB agar medium just before pouring (~50®‚Äö√†¬¥C).
    • Liquid culture: Use 1®µl/mL of liquid culture medium.