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Product Description

Flurprimidol is an alternative for Ancymidol that is at lease two times as active and more stable. It is a synthetic inhibitor of Gibberrelic Acid biosynthesis. Flurprimidol is used in tissue culture to control internode elongation, especially in liquid cultures.

Technical Specifications

CAS#: 56425-91-3
Molecular Weight: 312.29
Molecular Formula: C15H15F3N2O2
Appearance Form: Crystalline
Appearance Color: Colorless
Solubility: H2O: 0.114 mg/mL at 20°C
Toluene: 144 mg/mL
Methanol: 1,990 mg/mL
Acetone: 1,530 mg/mL
Shelf Life: 1 year
Storage Temperature: 2-8°C
Hazardous Shipping: Non-Hazardous

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