Sequestrene 138, 6% Iron chelate

Sequestrene™ 138, 6% Iron Chelate

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Product Description

  • Synonym: Fe-EDDHA
  • High performance iron chelates for foliar and soil applications
  • Replacement for FeNa-EDTA
  • Plant tissue culture tested
  • Soluble in water

Iron is essential for the formation of chlorophyll, a vital component to ensure plant health. Since iron has low plant mobility, new growth in iron deficient plants often shows iron deficiency. In early stages, leaves have intervenial chlorosis where plant leaves are light green to yellow but the leaf veins remain green. In severe cases, leaves turn white and plants may die.

Sequestrene™ 138 is a strong chelate that maintains and protects iron availability in a wide variety of problem soils. Plus, Sequestrene™ has the added flexibility for either foliar or soil applications. Sequestrene™ 138, a 6 percent fully chelated EDDHA iron, is preferred in the most challenging soils that are alkaline and calcareous, including soils with a pH greater than 7.0. Sequestrene™ 138 provides the strongest chelate available for these difficult situations.

Technical Specifications